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Milwaukee is the most racially segregated city in America, making national news for systemic neglect of the economic and social conditions of its poorest neighborhoods with the Sherman Park Uprising.

Without doubt the the economy is broken, and has created a pressure cooker like environment for communities of color.

In Milwaukee communities of color face extreme conditions

  • White median household income is near $63,000 meanwhile Black median household income is just $25,600.

  • 16 households are evicted each day in Milwaukee, meaning nearly 6,000 families are left without housing every year.

Due to an economic agenda that favors the 1% and punishes the poor working class, Milwaukee families of color suffer disproportionately from evictions and continues the cycle of poverty for future generations.

With poverty wages and lack of economic opportunities, students of color are struggling at the university level to pay tuition and other fees. This economic distress plays a major factor in the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee only being able to graduate 21% of black students in six years.

A vicious economic cycle that leaves communities of color oppressed and underwater is unacceptable. LIT is committed to changing the economic conditions for communities with a bold agenda that ensure financial barriers to higher education are removed, families secure affordable housing and landlords can not spike rent on desperate families, and workers get equal share in profits from their labor.

Campaign Principles


#2 Education is a right and should be as accessible as possible

#3 Regardless of immigration status, everyone should be afforded tuition free public universities and TECHNICAL colleges.


Campaign Goals

Goal #1 - Tuition Free Public universities and TECHNICAL colleges

Tuition free higher education isn’t a radical idea. Thirty years ago college costs were low and Pell Grants, coupled with a summer job, could allow students to graduate debt free. Our parents were able to go to college without taking on crushing debt, we are asking for the same fair shot.  We need to make higher education a public good again.

The Need:

A college education is the best pathway to a middle-class life. But the rising cost of tuition is making college more and more inaccessible. Free college will keep our students in state, produce more college graduates, and prevent our students from beginning their careers with student debt dragging them down.

  • 70% of college graduates in Wisconsin leave with debt, making students here the third most likely in the country to have debt
  • Roughly 900,000 Wisconsin residents have student loan debt
  • If UW tuition increased only by the rate of inflation, resident students would pay roughly $3,000 for their education instead of upwards of $10,000.