Leaders Igniting Transformation



The Intercept - how democrats plan to win wisconsin in 2020

“During the 2018 election, according to LIT’s executive director Dakota Hall, young people knocked on over 35,000 doors and collected over 10,000 voter pledge cards…Its “Black Hogwarts” program for example was a six-week training program to train 25 youth of color on the basics of community organizing, and its “cultural organizing” program seeks to bring in local Milwaukee artists, performers, musicians, and influencers into the civic sphere.”


Think Progress - Milwaukee students of color say it’s time to talk about the school-to-prison pipeline

“Headley is serving as one of the leading organizers for a growing movement demanding accountability and overhaul in the city. Their goal is to shift school safety away from policing, guns, and tactics like suspension and expulsion, and towards a system that allows for more guidance counselors, social services, and other means of addressing conflict.”


refinery 29 - The Verdict Is In: The Youth Vote Shaped The Midterm Results

“In Wisconsin, the 10-month-old group Leaders Igniting Transformation knocked on 30,000 doors and sent 50,000 texts, contributing to a 35% turnout among young people, which helped boot anti-choice, anti-union Gov. Scott Walker in favor of Democrat Tony Evers.”