Leaders Igniting Transformation

A LIT Future

We are aligning radical youth of color led organizing, liberation and anti oppression teaching, public policy innovation to create political power that meets the needs of and controlled by young people.


The Future is young and bold


and so are our issue campaigns! As young people we know, we must make the change we want to see. That is why we are working on these 🔥🔥🔥 campaigns


Invest Divest - From Failure to Freedom

For too long we have been talking about a broken criminal justice system, that is marked with racial disparities that are crippling communities of color around the nation. We know that this starts young, often in our schools with the school to prison pipeline. We are out to change this reality and present an alternative to criminalization, that reinvests public goods into the most vulnerable communities to allow them the freedom to thrive.

Democracy done right

We believe in a simple but powerful idea, that every citizen should be able to cast their vote free from artificial barriers. We believe this because we know that democracy works best when everyone can participate and it is not limited to those with wealth and connections.

broke af

We must ensure that this and future generations are presented with economic opportunities of past generations, and that means doing things drastically different. We are calling for an economy where young people actually profit from their labor, and local control is returned from Wall Street back into the hands of the community.

True Sanctuary 

For years now the nation has debated immigration policies, and recently the nations young immigrants were put risk of deportation because their parents wanted a better life for them We must ensure that Milwaukee protects the families, and especially the children, without proper documentation. Wisconsin has 14,000 young people at risk, 14,000 young people who only have a dream. Young people are our future regardless of their immigration status. We must protect the dream.